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Tom and Susan Lowder


Holman Ranch

Holman Ranch wine is more than a label on a shelf: it’s a family love story, an intergenerational endeavor carried on by the Lowders, as well as by Chris and Greg Vita, father-and-son winemakers.

For Tom and Susan Lowder, it’s also a living memorial to their late spouses, both of whom passed away tragically from neurodegenerative diseases. Their memories are honored through the expression of the wine but also by the countless others who have benefited from Holman Ranch - the couples who pronounce their vows on the Ceremony Lawn, the staff who are employed to bring the wine and events to life, and the philanthropies whose life-saving work has been made possible with support from Holman Ranch.

Many things have changed about Holman Ranch since 1928. But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to hospitality. People from around the world have been welcomed here, drawn to its unhurried ease and hints of possibility. Today, we make wine that reflects this place as we reflect the wine: a bit of grace, elegance, and nuance. We believe that good wine brings people together. But it’s meant to be savored. Nothing happens fast here. There’s a rhythm and pace that we trust because wine is the ultimate host - to conversations, to moments, goodbyes.

One of wine’s many mysteries is how the same equipment, labor, and vision can produce something entirely different the next hill over. For us, that begins 10 miles away in the ocean. Within Monterey Bay one of the world’s deepest canyons sends fog to blanket the mornings before sun illuminates the inland valley. Those temperature swings are perfect for our vineyards, perched near the Santa Lucia Mountains in the thin, rocky soil of the Carmel Valley Appellation.


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