The Hospitality Gala 2018 Planner Emily Kayworth


Emily Kayworth, Senior

St. Augustine, FL

My name is Emily Kayworth and I am a senior from St. Augustine, Florida who has grown up in a family of all boys. Being the only girl, of a total of five kids, our lives were nothing but full of going to sporting events, throwing birthday parties, and having get-togethers with friends. I decided to study the Event Management option of Hospitality Management major because I wanted to build my future on something that I am passionate about. Specifically, my interests in events has grown overtime due to my parents and their hospitable hearts. I love the idea of being able to create such a memorable moment in someone’s life, so that I can in turn be a part of the joy that they experience. This industry has truly blessed me in many ways, these being building new friendships, gaining amazing opportunities, and growing as an individual. I cannot wait to see how my future unfolds and the knowledge that I will acquire due to this industry.

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